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About Us

From My Desk ......


I'm Alison Hatheway. I am so pleased you have chosen to give me this opportunity to share my travel experiences with you. I have owned and managed Century Travel & Cruise Ship Vacations, located in Deep River CT Since 1979.

I pride myself on the fact that as a travel professional, I operate in a field where the knowledge of travel and its related support services are essential skills in providing client satisfaction.

My clients, skills, your initial and future contact are very important to the successful operation of my travel business. Between my travel consultants and myself, we have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the travel profession.

When you choose a travel business that you desire to work with, bear in mind the support and services you will receive. I look forward to helping you fulfill your travel requirements in the immediate future.

Thank you for visiting my Virtual Online Travel Agency.

Alison Hatheway

About ......

Century Travel & Cruise Ship Vacations

Profile ......

We are a full service travel consultanting business, established in 1979 and located in Deep River CT.   Knowledge and Service ..... makes Century Travel & Cruise Ship Vacations different from the other travel agencies.

Our travel consultants have a combined experience of more than a 100 years!  They are knowledgeable about the latest popular and exotic destinations, having traveled extensively throughout most of the world.  We pride ourselve on the fact that we are travel professionals.

My unique travel consultanting business provides you the neccessary help, support and resources for planning and booking travel arrangements that match your personal needs or interests.  Whether you are an individual, business, company or group traveler.

You can make all your travel arrangements on my online or offline travel site, from cruises .. tours .. trains .. hotels .. car reservations .. to  airline tickets.  Including travel options for .. local .. national .. and the world.  Even desktop access to the best specials that have been posted on the Internet.

Now you can experience the best of both worlds - internet savings and the personal service you expect from my travel consultanting business.

Treat yourself to the peace of mind that first-class service and travel industry expertise can bring.

Mission ......

As a travel professionals I continually strive to achieve the best service and travel skills possible.  Continued study and training provides me and my travel consultants the necessary skills essential for your travel satisfaction.

Whether you are an individual, business, company or group traveler, my travel consultants and I take great care in helping you plan travel arrangements that match your personal needs and interests.

We provide you the opportunity and resources to find the perfect destination that suits both your budget and your lifestyle online or offline.  Our unique approach helps ensure you that every trip is arranged for you as completely as possible.

My objective is to use my extensive knowledge of the travel industry to ensure that your travel plans are handled accurately and professionally online or offline.

My Creed ......

We support local, national and global organizations.  This support comes from you, our agency's profits and by volunteering our services to help others.

It is in this spirit that I would like to share these truly life enhancing experiences with you and your family .... Travel ....  Wellness .... Music.

We are committed to helping people like you enjoy living your life to the fullest!

Agency Contact Information .......

Phone ... 1-860-526-3874         Fax ... 1-860-526-9553

Email ... century@centurytravel.org

Century Travel & Cruise Ship Vacations
PO Box 960
112 Cedar Swamp Road
Deep River  CT  06417


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Travel is My Profession ... Service is My Business

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Century Travel & Cruise Ship Vacations is committed to respecting your privacy. I have designed my website so that you may visit without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information, unless you opt to do so. Once you opt to provide personally identifiable information (any information by which you can be identified, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and credit card number), it will only be used to support your customer relationship with me and for my own internal purposes, including marketing and research, customization of my website and improving the content of my website.

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