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General Travel Planning Guidelines

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Planning & Departure Guidelines
Travel Guidelines

Paper Tickets or E-Tickets .....

    You should discuss with your travel agent the pros and cons of paper tickets and e-tickets. Airlines typically charge fees for paper tickets(around $25). However, they are more easily transferred to another airline for rebooking. With e-tickets, you can often avoid long check in lines at airports. Talk to your travel agent to decide what's best for you.

Your Airport Reservation Name ......

    Make your reservation in the exact name that appears on the identification you plan on presenting at the airport. If your name has recently changed and the name on your ticket and your ID are different, bring documentation of the change(e.g., a marriage certificate or court order).

Getting Your Boarding Pass .....

    At many terminals, you now are required to present a boarding pass. Also a government issued photo ID to pass through the security checkpoints. Tickets, itineraries or e-ticket receipts are not sufficient. Boarding passes can be obtained at airline ticket or curbside check in counters. Even self service check in kiosks. In some cases you can print them from airline Web sites. Ask your travel agent for the latest regulations.

Purchasing Your Travel Insurance ......

    Some travel insurance policies may offer varying degrees of protection during a military conflict. You should check with your ASTA member travel agent to determine what policy best meets your needs.

Helpful Travel Planning Information Sites ......

    This Traveler's Health section gives you information related to your health and travel.

    This site gives you Travel Tips. Information on security procedures. Also lists of what you can bring with you on flights. The latest news, etc.

    You will find regulations and information related to leaving and entering the United States.

    Get up to the minute Travel Updates via the U.S. State Department. Including any worldwide alert or advisories.

Departure Guidelines

Give a Friend or Relative Your Travel Schedule ......

    Leave behind a detailed itinerary. This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers of persons and places to be visited. Your passport number, the date, place it was issued. Also credit card, travelers check and airline ticket numbers.

    You should store a copy of this information in a separate place from your purse or wallet. If your travel plans change, be sure to notify relatives or friends at home. For example, if you miss your return flight to the United States or extend your trip.

    Keep your ID handy. You may be asked after entering the gate area to produce a picture ID. Such as a driver's license, passport, or government issued identification for airport or airline personnel.

Packing for Your Travels ......

    Carry your medications in your carry on bags. Don't accept any packages or materials from strangers. Don't carry any sharp instruments(i.e., letter openers, knives, box cutters, scissors, etc.) in carry on luggage. They will be confiscated at airport screening stations.

    Keep your luggage and carry on luggage with you at all times. Even prior to arriving at the airport and while in the terminal.

Give Yourself Enough Time Before Departure ......

    Be sure to check with the airline directly to reconfirm your flight departure time. Make sure your give yourself sufficient time to arrive at the airport.

    This will help avoid any unnecessary stress while on vacation. Having to continuously rush while on vacation will defeat the purpose of "leisure travel".

Best Not to Over Plan Your Trip .....

    Allow time to relax and really enjoy yourself. Even if this is your once in a lifetime trip. Don't feel you have to fill every available minute. Prepare for your trip ahead of time by getting plenty of rest.

    Make sure to make time to relax while on vacation. If you are visiting a country, where physical activity can be quite strenuous. And sudden changes in diet and climate can have serious health consequences. Don't be an unprepared traveler. Consult your physician before you depart.

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